Friday, 28 October 2016

West Mid University Hospital - Isleworth - West London

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For sure I know I have no control over two aspects of my life, that of arrival and the other departure. The time in between is undetermined and I guess we all have a rather indoctrinated sense of self preservation and survival coping with our daily routines.

That survival and control of course is shattered when an unlikely event and without understanding illness arrives. Whether minor or severe – suddenly we have to depend on others goodwill and professionalism to try and guide us through what we don’t understand.

Every day we are surrounded by danger and hopefully never succumb to its consequences but for those who do the journey becomes a whirlwind of fear and sometimes angst.

Of course friends and neighbours rally, offering to supply anything they can provide, or to provide warmth of care and support. Then we have to give ourselves up to the Medical professionals.

A team of dedicated people that includes Doctors, Nurses and ancillary staff who work tirelessly with passion and devotion, trying to make the world a better and healthier place for us all. None of them enter the profession wishing to intentionally harm anyone and are forever mindful that life itself balances on a very fine thread.

Medicine has evolved to such complexity now, the expectations are ever higher of what we layman expect we are entitled to, and all for free.

No person is infallible but oh how we complain when our own selfishness is not satisfied, or we lose control of our very being.

My recent experience at WMUH has to be one of extreme gratitude and admiration for the teams in A & E, AEC and AMU for their joviality and persistence in striving to keep their moral fibre intact and getting the job done against a constant barrage of criticism from patients, media and press. It’s an irony isn’t it; hospitals could be great places if it didn’t have patients.

It takes no effort to be grateful, share a smile and to say ‘Thank you’ as many do, but it only takes one person to take the “cream off the cake”

I am a firm advocate of ‘Random Acts of Kindness’. A gift or a gesture offered to a deserving person or group who try by their very actions to make a difference to others lives selflessly and without expectation of a receipt of gratitude. If we all appreciated and respected each other, what a lovely world we would live in.

So to all the teams on A&E, AEC and AMU - a huge ‘Thank you’ for a job well done.

Thankfully you have enabled me to go out once more and do my work.